Our Mission

At Proudly Inked our goal is to become the most trusted blog for all things tattoos.

Our goal is not to make a quick buck off our readers with half assed content, we’d rather give the honest truth regarding tattoo products, even if they don’t live up to expectations.

Since we started in 2020, we’ve hoped to one day become the best resource on the internet for tattoo related topics.

Accurate Information

With so much tattoo information out there, we want to make it clear that we work hard to ensure that all of our information is up to date and accurate. Our team has decades of combined experience with tattoos so you can be sure that all the content we put out is well researched and checked by current tattoo artists.

Kevin Brass – Founder

meMy name is Kevin and I’m the founder of Proudly Inked. I started this site as a passion project to help share high quality information regarding tattoos. I’ve been getting tattoos for the last 15 years and want to pass my experiences on to others.

I’ve always been disappointed with the quality of information there is regarding tattoos so I created this site as a way to fight that. I wanted to create a site that people could be confident reading, knowing that the information was reliable and fact checked by certified experts.

Running this site is a full time job so I’m quite busy. You can connect with us on social media though.

You can also reach us on our contact page here.