Best Tattoo Ink for Stick and Poke: Reviews & Buyers Guide

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Picking the best tattoo ink for stick and poke is crucial to avoid messing up the tattoo. The results that you get will be different from what you can achieve with a machine, but by using high-quality ink you can create a tattoo that lasts long and doesn’t cause any health concerns.

The right ink is just one of the ingredients that will ensure the lifespan, quality, and hygiene of your tattoo.

In this review take a look at the different types of ink that you can use for stick and poke, as well as which ones we recommend to get the results that you want.

Types of Ink for Stick and Poke

There are a few different types of ink for stick and poke. People often make their decision based on affordability and whatever they can get which often doesn’t end well. Nonetheless, here are the options available to you.

India Ink

India ink is a natural and non-toxic option based on carbon. While it isn’t likely to cause infection it’s still not the best tattoo ink for stick and poke. Sure, this ink is fairly cheap but that old saying “you get what you pay for” is kinda true here. There’s really no reason to use India Inks considering how affordable it is to get professional tattoo ink.

Pen Ink

No, just no… If you’re considering using this for your stick and poke tattoo please reconsider! Sure, it’s widely available and cheap but it’s also highly toxic and can lead to infections and other health issues. Because of this avoid using pen ink for any homemade tattoos.

Professional Tattoo Ink

Just like the name sounds, professional tattoo ink is created especially for tattoos. It lasts a long time without fading and lasts a long time without fading. There are two types of professional tattoo inks to know about: Pre-dispersed ink and stable pigment-based ink.

Pre dispersed inks don’t require any mixing. All you need to do is shake the bottle and get started. Stable pigment-based inks on the other hand do require mixing. Because of this, they are seen as an old fashioned strategy by lots of artists.

7 Best Tattoo Inks for Stick and Poke Tattoos (Recent Update)

Choose any of the following professional tattoo inks below for your stick and poke tattoo

Bloodline Tattoo Ink All Purpose Black 1 Ounce (29 Milliliter)

Bloodline Tattoo Ink All Purpose Black 1 Ounce small ink...
  • Color: All purpose black
  • Weight: 1 oz
  • Bloodline all purpose black is a thick black tattoo ink

Bloodline’s all-purpose tattoo ink is a great black color for stick and poke tattoos. It’s a best seller for a reason. It comes in a 1oz bottle which should be enough to do plenty of tattoos.

Bloodline is a very reputable company in the tattoo industry and has strict sanitation protocols so you don’t have to worry about infections or anything like that.

MOM’S Tattoo Ink – Black Onyx (2 Oz.)

MOM'S Tattoo Ink - Black Onyx (2 Oz.)
  • MOM'S Black Onyx Tattoo Ink
  • 100% Authentic MOM'S Tattoo Ink, Brand New Item
  • Manufactured by Millennium Colors, Inc.

Mom’s Black Onyx tattoo ink is another great option for good old stick and poke tattoos. Mom’s is manufactured by Millenium Colors Inc which is another very reputable brand in the tattoo space.

The fact that it’s made in the USA means that the manufacturing process is stricter than with foreign-made inks. This means that it’s sterile and safe to use for your tattoos.

The 2oz bottle gives enough ink to last for quite a while depending on how many tattoos you plan on doing.

Black Tattoo Ink Outlines Shading Lining Coloring Element Tattoo Supply Nighthawk 1oz Bottle

Element Tattoo Supply - Premium Black Tattoo Ink -...
  • DARKEST BLACK INK FOR ALL STYLES - Experience the tattoo world's ultimate darkness! Ideal for bold...
  • CRUELTY-FREE INKS - Our inks are never tested on animals, reflecting our commitment to ethical...
  • TRUSTED BY TATTOO PROS - Our ink is known for its top-quality and deep black pigment. Tattoo artists...

The Nighthawk black is a decent option if you’re on a budget. It is made by Element Tattoo Supplies in the USA and used widely by a lot of professional tattoo artists.

It mixes well with many other major brands for tattooing pigments as well.

The ink is free of acrylic and solvents that can sometimes cause the ink to dry up. It’s all-natural and organic too.

Tattoo Ink – BLACK TRIBAL 0.5oz (15ml) – VIKING INK USA – The best black and colored inks on the market – VEGAN

  • This Kit is made up of: Black Liner, Black Tribal and White.
  • Available in 1/2 ounce size.
  • They have a security seal that guarantees their sterility.

This tattoo ink By Viking Ink is another budget option for doing stick and poke tattoos. It has bright and long lasting colors that apply easily.

It won’t turn blue or green over time as the ink is versatile and easy to penetrate.

The ink is vegan and made in the USA for your confidence. It comes in a .5oz bottle for people that don’t need a large amount of ink.

Dynamic Triple Black Tattoo Ink Bottle 8oz

Dynamic Triple Black Tattoo Ink Bottle 8oz
  • TRUSTED BY TATTOO ARTISTS FOR AGES – For over ten years, Dynamic has been providing artists with a...
  • GOES IN EASY AND HEALS ULTRA-DARK – Dynamic Triple Black Tattoo Ink remains top dog because the...
  • VERSATILE PROFESSIONAL TATTOO INK – This ink is an excellent choice for lining, shading, tribal...

Are you planning on doing a ton of tattoos? Then this huge 8oz bottle from Dynamic might be the one for you.

It’s a vegan, pre-dispersed professional tattoo ink that’s made in the USA.

It can be used for lining and shading, as well as creating grey wash too.

HAWINK Tattoo Ink, 1/2oz (15ml) Tattoo Supply Ink USA Vegan Pigment linnig True Black TI203-15-1

This tattoo ink from Hawink is loved among professional tattoo artists. The color is stable and easy to use. You can count on it lasting a long time with minimal fading.

The .5oz or 15ml bottle provides enough ink for a light user.

Stigma Black Color Scale Tattoo Ink 4oz (120ml)USA Standard Pigment Tattoo Ink Black Set (Dark Black) TI952-4OZ-D

STIGMA Tattoo Ink Black Shading 2 Stage Grey Wash Black 4oz...
  • 1.100% new brand and high quality. Color stability, pure color, durable and safe,with a formula...
  • With 2 color numbers, make your tattoo has a more professional layering and you don't need to spend...
  • 3.Tested by thousands of tattoo artists, easy and convenient to use. Uses imported materials from...

This black tattoo ink from Stigma is a durable and safe formula that contains a high concentration of pigment. There are 4 different color numbers to give your tattoo professional-looking layering.

It comes in a big 40z bottle to last for many tattoos to come.


Stick and Poke tattoos can be really fun to do. You can also eliminate a lot of the risk involved by sticking with reputable equipment. Any of the tattoo inks listed here are a good option. Have experience with stick and poke tattoos? Let us know in the comments.

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