Ear Tattoo Pain: Cartlidge, Earlobe & Behind the Ear Tattoos

behind ear tattoo pain

It’s not very common for people to consider getting an ear tattoo. This is because both the cartilage and the earlobe are extremely sensitive and one of the most painful body parts to tattoo! It’s even possible for ear tattoos to cause jaw lock, migraines, as well as headaches. This doesn’t happen with other body … Read more

Tattoo Lines Thicker After Healing: How To Fix It?

tattoo lines too thick

Getting a tattoo is always going to involve some element of risk. Having a tattoo that didn’t turn out the way you want it really sucks. If you’re reading this article, then maybe your tattoo lines are thicker after healing than you would like. If you’re in this situation, the first thing you need to … Read more

What to do and Bring to a Long Tattoo Session

tips to prepare for long tattoo session

A long tattoo session can be a daunting task for both the artist and the client, especially if you have never been in this situation before. It is important to prepare your body and mind so that you are ready for what lies ahead. In this article, we will discuss how to prepare for a … Read more

What do Tattoo Artists Use to Wipe Away Ink?

what do tattoo artists use to wipe ink

If you have ever wondered what tattoo artists use to wipe ink off of their hands, the answer is simple. They use soap! Green soap to be specific. Tattoo artists need to remove the ink from their skin in order to change colors and move on to different designs, so using green soap is the … Read more

Tanning with Tattoos: How to do it Safely

tanning with tattoos

Every tattoo tells a story. Sometimes, it’s personal and meaningful. In other instances, it is a love story. Tattoos are an expression of creativity for some people; for others, it is an expression of admiration for others’ work. If you do get a permanent tattoo on your skin, there’s no doubt that you’ll display it … Read more

How Long Do Finger Tattoos Last?

how long do finger tattoos last

Getting a finger tattoo can be a unique way to get inked in a place that’s not very common. Being placed out in the open means that they will usually be visible for everyone to see. Finger tattoos do come with some downsides though. Because the hands are used so much in everyday life, tattoos … Read more

How to Setup a Rotary Tattoo Machine

how to setup a rotary tattoo machine

So you’ve got a rotary tattoo machine and want to know how to set it up properly? A quick search online gives lots of results but not much practical advice. In this article we’ll explain how to setup a rotary tattoo machine as easily as possible, as well as how to avoid damaging the machine … Read more

What Does an Unalome Tattoo Mean?

unalome tattoo meaning

Do you want to get an Unalome tattoo? If so, keep reading to find out more about the symbol’s meaning as well as the modern variations available. For many, tattoos are a symbol of their dedication to their religion, practice, or craft. Sometimes, they choose symbols that date back thousands of years and have been … Read more