Demon Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

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The demon tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos in today’s society. It has been seen on celebrity tattoos, musician’s body art, and even tattooed on the arms of men, women, boys, and girls.

The demon tattoo is one of the most powerful symbols around today because it can mean so many different things depending on where you get it done or what design you choose. Let us walk you through some meanings behind this demonic image.

First off almost everyone knows that a demon, in general, represents evilness but did you know that demons are also known to represent protection? This type of demonic figure will always come out during times when danger may be approaching or if something bad is about to happen to someone close by. So basically, there are multiple meanings.

What is the demon tattoo meaning?

In point form:

  • Revenge
  • Evil
  • Death
  • Darkness
  • Deceit
  • Eternity
  • Power

There are many interpretations for this design, but the two main meanings of the demon tattoo include protection and rebellion. People who get this tattoo generally feel that they need to be protected from something or someone in their life. The second interpretation has to do with rebelling against societal norms and expectations by embracing your true self – which is what a demon might represent when looked at through an occult lens.

Demon tattoo placement

Demon tattoos can be found anywhere on the body, but most often they are seen on a person’s shoulder or around their bicep.

Women will sometimes get a demon tattoo on their ankles, while men may have them on the front of their shoulders.

Demon tattoo variations

The demon tattoo can be drawn in many ways but the most common form is an image that has a human body and animalistic head. The other type is just the head by itself which often looks like a monster’s face without any ears or hair.

Other variations include demons that have two eyes instead of one to signify reasonability within their character, while others might have three eyes for supernatural sight. It doesn’t matter what you decide because this design can look great on so many people!

Another common variation of this tattoo includes a demon with wings, or just by itself.

The last variation is a demon that holds an object like a sword, which symbolizes power and strength.

People who get this tattoo often do so for personal reasons such as trying to overcome some type of fear or weakness in their life. Even though demons are typically viewed as evil beings they can also be seen by many cultures (including Native Americans) as something helpful; helping you along your journey on the path towards enlightenment!

So whether you think about what it means to have protection from evilness around you or if see yourself rebelling against society’s norms with your true self – remember that it’s all up to how you view this image and where you place it. Remember there are no limitations when making decisions regarding tattoos!

The demon and the angel tattoo

There is a strong connection between the demon tattoo and angel tattoos.

These designs are very similar because they represent opposite forces in life that everyone must come to terms with at one point or another. Just like demons, angels can also be seen as evil if you look from this perspective – which is why people often get them together when trying to decipher their fate.

Demon tattoos in pop culture

The most popular demon tattoos are often seen on celebrities and musicians. You can see this tattoo inked into the skin of famous people such as Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Cara Delevingne, and Nikki Minaj.

If you want to get a demon tattoo look no further than your local parlor because they will be able to help you find what type of design would make for an awesome picture that won’t only look amazing but also tell a story about yourself!

Are demon tattoos more popular in men or women?

Demon tattoos are usually more popular in men because they like to show off their strength and courage, but for women, this design is often seen as a sign of rebelliousness.

Both genders can enjoy these designs though so don’t be afraid to search online and see what type of demon tattoo will look best on you!

Demon tattoo history

The demon tattoo has been around for thousands of years and many ancient civilizations have used these tattoos as a way to depict evilness in the world.

Today this tattoo is still seen by some cultures as being associated with dark magic, but this design choice now just represents other things such as fearlessness or even anger towards society’s expectations.

Is a demon tattoo right for you?

The demon tattoo is a popular choice in today’s society but it isn’t for everyone. You have to decide if this design will look great on your body and how big of an image you want so that you can really enjoy the benefits of getting one done.

If you are still unsure about what I am talking about then go ahead and search up these tattoos online so that you can see some examples yourself!

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