Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit Review: Is The Machine Any Good?

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The Dragonhawk brand of tattoo kits is well known and liked by many artists across the world. They have a reputation for producing coil and rotary tattoo machines, as well as different accessories like needles, inks, and practice skin.

With all the hype surrounding the brand, you might be a bit skeptical. We can’t blame you, and that’s why we decided to create this review. To share our personal experiences with years of using Dragonhawk tattoo machines and accessories.

We go over the pros and cons, so make sure to read until the end of our Dragonhawk tattoo kit review to see if it’s right for you.

Why are Dragonhawk Tattoo Machines & Kits So Popular?

Here are some reasons why the Dragonhawk brand is one of the most popular tattoo machine brands.

Affordable – These tattoo machines are available at reasonable prices. In fact, you can buy an entire beginner kit and get started in your tattoo journey surprisingly cheap.

Durable – Dragonhawk tattoo machines use different types of materials in the manufacturing process but most are highly durable.

Compatibility – The tattoo machines are very compatible with most tattoo accessories like needles and tubes which make it easy to find supplies.

Fashionable – These tattoo machines look stylish and allow artists to work in style.

Functional – The brand is well known for creating tattoo machines that are practical yet versatile.

Easy to use – Most of the Dragonhawk tattoo machines are easy to operate and relatively easy to put together and take apart.

Dragonhawk Tattoo Machine Reviews (Top Kits)

As we mentioned earlier, Dragonhawk distributes different types of machines. This section will go over the rotary type in particular.

Dragonhawk Mat Pen 1013-10 Rotary Tattoo Machine

This machine has a simple and sleek design that makes it quite popular. The round pen enables you to have a firm grip of the machine and freely move your hand for precision work.

The light weight of just 120 grams means that you can work for a long time without your hands getting tired.

It’s made with a sturdy aluminum frame with a Japanese made motor.

All of this is packed into a length of just 11.7cm which is ideal for tattoo artists that have average sized hands. The pen also uses advanced gear systems that give you control over the voltage settings. And it’s compatible with most needles and tubes that are used for lining and shading.

This tattoo machine is commonly sold in a tattoo kit that includes cartridges, power supply, carrying case.


  • light weight
  • great for lining and shading
  • smooth running with minimal vibration
  • strong aluminum frame


  • round pen is not liked by everyone
  • can get hot after 45 min of use

Dragonhawk Cartridge Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen Kit 1013-7

Here’s another winner from Dragonhawk. The machine is in the shape fo a big fat pen which really helps with maintaining a good grip.

It works with all common tubes and needles and comes as a kit. The tattoo kit includes a power supply, needles, and other accessories.

The pen gives you the option of a few different voltage settings with a level of 8V-6V being good for lining and 7V-8V for shading.

Overall this tattoo machine from Dragonhawk is easy to use, easy to put together, and is very lightweight which helps you through those long tattoo sessions. It’s also considered quieter than most machines which is why so many people like it.


  • Budget price
  • Smooth running with minimal vibration
  • Good for lining, shading, and coloring
  • Complete kit has everything you need for the basics


  • Can get hot after 45 min of use
  • Power supply isn’t as high quality as others

Dragonhawk extreme rotary tattoo machine

This tattoo machine by Dragonhawk has a very simple looking design but is still very sturdy because of the carbon steel frame. With a weight of 6.17 oz it feels light in the hands and the ergonomic design enhances comfort while you use it.

The machine has a clip cord connection and enables you to adjust the voltage. 7.5-8.5 is good for coloring and shading, while 8-9 volts is better for doing lining.

Versatility is what makes this one of our favorite Dragonhawk tattoo machines. You can use it for color tats, black shades, grey shades, and heavy filling.

The stability of the machine is good and it’s known to last a long time.


  • affordable pricing
  • very versatile
  • lightweight
  • different voltage settings


  • single stroke length of 3.5mm


If you’re considering the Dragonhawk brand for your next tattoo machine or kit then we hope that we were able to answer your questions.

We believe that Dragonhawk tattoo kits are a great option for both beginners and veterans alike.

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