Four Leaf Clover Tattoo Meaning & Design Ideas

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What is the meaning of a four leaf clover tattoo? It can symbolize luck, faith, and even love. With so many meanings in mind for it’s design, placement, and ideas; this type of tattoo has been around for centuries.

But what does it mean to you? A four leaf clover is often seen as a sign from God that he has not forgotten about you. It also means that your wish will come true if you believe hard enough!

You may also get one because your family members have passed away or loved ones are no longer with you but they still live on through memories and what better way to remember them then by wearing their memory permanently on your skin!

There are endless reasons why someone would want a four leaf clover tattoo that we’ll cover in this article.

What is a Four Leaf Clover Tattoo?

The four leaf clover tattoo is a symbol of luck, love, and joy. It’s also commonly used to represent Ireland and the Irish culture. The plant has been said to have magical properties that can ward off evil spirits or bring good fortune, which may be why it was traditionally worn by sailors for protection at sea.

Some say they’re not all about just looking cool–they want to attract more positive energy into their lives or have something beautiful on display for everyone who sees them every day

Four Leaf Clover Tattoo Meaning

The four leaf clover tattoo has many meanings, but the most popular is that it represents luck. In Ireland people carried shamrocks to ensure safety and good fortune on St. Patrick’s Day because this day was regarded as a holy one for all who had been baptized in Christ’s name (Luck of 4).

The number “4” also symbolizes love with the letters L-O-V-E standing for Loyalty, Obedience, Valor & Faithfulness which are attributes associated with Irish families dating back to Celtic times when monogamy wasn’t common practice among clans (History of Four Leaf Clovers: Luck O’ The Irish) Another form or interpretation could be what some believe represent peace; there are four

Four Leaf Clover Tattoo Placement Ideas

You know that person who always wears a four leaf clover ring? Well, there are people out there with tattoos of the same design. Popular Designs include: shamrocks inked on their shoulders; hearts surrounded by leaves around their wrist or ankle; and intricate designs down the side of your arm from shoulder to elbow.

How to Design Your Own 4-leaf Clover Tattoo

The best way to find your own 4-leaf clover design is by looking online. There are many sites where you can download and print a template for yourself or with friends!

Different Four Leaf Clover Tattoo Variations

When looking at four-leaf clover tattoo designs, you are likely to see some variation in the way these are tattooed. You’ll see other symbols grouped in with the four-leaf clover which might represent different traits and characteristics. Below are the most popular examples of the four-leaf clover tattoo and the meaning of them.

Tribal Four-Leaf Clover Tattoo

The tribal four-leaf clover tattoo is simply a tribute to the old days. Because there is a very rich tradition to the four-leaf clover, many tribal villages and priests use them. Because of this, getting a tribal tattoo of the four-leaf clover represents those times and potentially increases the symbolism of the tattoo.

Four-Leaf Clover Butterfly Tattoo

The four-leaf clover butterfly tattoo is simply another creative way to celebrate the awesome traits of the four-leaf clover. Because there are four leaves on this clover, it matches up perfectly to make a butterfly. With the Irish spirit, your four-leaf clover butterfly tattoo can accompany you through your life bringing you good luck and the feeling of nature and beauty from the butterfly.

Four-Leaf Clover Celtic Tattoo

The Celtic people have a long history with the four-leaf clover. Celtic designs originated from Ireland and Wales and you can see the four-leaf clover as one of the main symbols used to represent Ireland for folks of this decent.

You could also see the four-leaf clover paired with other symbols that are known for having roots in Ireland. These might include leprechauns, the tree of life, the Irish flag and maybe Celtic crosses.

These symbols are all good ways to represent your heritage with pride and at the same time, invoke some of that good luck from your ancestors.

There are definitely more variations of the four-leaf clover tattoo, and we will update this article periodically.


The four leaf clover tattoo is a classic whether you’re Irish or not! We hope that we inspired some ideas with our post. If you have any ideas then feel free to comment below.

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