Thigh Garter Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

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Garter tattoos are a popular design among women. The design is usually worn on the thigh, calf or ankle and typically has flowers, hearts or butterflies. Women often get these tattoos to represent something special to them that they would like to keep close to their heart. There are a few different types of garter tattoos with different meanings that we will go over in this article!

What does the garter tattoo mean?

The meaning of the garter tattoo is feminine purity and virginity. It’s also an homage to those who have worn them before you, as well as your own personal style statement!

The meaning can vary depending on where it’s located on the body, but in Western cultures such as America or Britain, people typically associate garters with weddings because they’re used during ceremonies that involve vows and losing one’s virginity. Think back over recent times when many couples exchanged rings at their wedding celebrations.

Although the garter tattoo is a traditional symbol for married women. It can also represent erotic bedroom fun!

Garter tattoo history

Garter tattoos were originally worn by Episcopal clergymen in British Columbia who wanted to subvert Canada’s Anglican Church, which at that time banned men from growing beards and wearing clerical dress outside church services (specifically Episcopal).

The first known example was Saint Simon Stylites holding up his girdle as evidence against worldly riches – thus earning him this monicker “The Bishop of Basildon”.

Garter tattoo variations

Here are some common garter tattoo variations. A woman can get a single stocking with her wedding ring or the word “husband” written on it, as well as two stoles that symbolize strength and love for each other in different languages like French (mon ami) Italian (mio marito).

There is also an image of Jesus Christ wearing his jewellery which might make sense since He was known to wear clothes made from fabric made by women – something we do too today!

Some people like to have one garter as an anchor for their whole leg, while others will only cover part of it with intricate designs or letters that represent something specific about themselves such as faithfulness in relationships (a boudoir).

However you choose your style, these tattoos can be worn proudly without any fear at work.

Garter tattoo placement

Garter tattoos are usually placed on the lower part of your abdomen, thighs or calves. Women with garter tattoo tradition can be seen wearing them around their waists as well since it is designed for both purposes – decoration and support

Garters have been used by women all over history to hold up their stockings in place while they’re worn without garters during dancing performances where every detail matters–and only one thing matters more than style: keeping those legs warm!

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