How Long Do Finger Tattoos Last?

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Getting a finger tattoo can be a unique way to get inked in a place that’s not very common. Being placed out in the open means that they will usually be visible for everyone to see.

Finger tattoos do come with some downsides though. Because the hands are used so much in everyday life, tattoos on the fingers tend to wear out faster than tattoos on other body parts.

How long do they typically last though? Keep reading and we’ll go over what you can expect, as well as how to make them last longer.

How Long Do Finger Tattoos Last?

In general, finger tattoos will last around 8-12 months before they start to fade. At this point you will have to get a touch up to bring the tattoo back to life. Most people recommend getting touch ups yearly to keep the finger tattoo looking fresh.

What You Need to Know Before Getting a Finger Tattoo

They hurt: finger tattoo’s hurt much more than other tattoos. The layer of skin on the fingers is very thin and has lots of nerves. Prepare for a painful session if you decide to go through with it.

They can be expensive: Another thing to keep in mind is that finger tattoos often require more skill to do. Artists that can do complex finger tattoos are in high demand and can charge accordingly.

Do Finger Tattoos Fade Faster than Other Tattoos?

Yes, in general finger tattoos will fade faster than many other tattoos. This is because the hands are used so much in everyday life. The constant wear and tear on the tattoo ink will eventually cause it to fade.

The regular water exposure that finger tattoos face is the main reason why finger tattoos fade faster than other tattoos. It’s not just water though. Friction of the fingers rubbing together will cause the tattoo to fade faster.

Finger tattoos will also heal slower than other tattoos because of how much we use our hands.

How to Make Finger Tattoos Last Longer

Whatever type of tattoo you get, it’s very important to follow the instructions that are given to you from your tattoo artist. Here are some general tips on how to make your finger tattoo last longer.

Simple Design

The design of the finger tattoo will play a major role in how long the tattoo looks good. Because the fingers are one of the hardest body parts to tattoo, many artists have a hard time doing complicated designs. In general, the more complicated the design, the more likely it will look bad when it fades.

Getting a more simple design, like short words or some kind of line art, is a much better option for your finger tattoo.

Clean It

It’s very important to always keep your finger tattoo clean after getting it. This will ensure that it has time to heal properly.

Be very careful when doing daily chores like showering and brushing teeth. It can get pretty annoying, but remember that it’s temporary and necessary for your tattoo to heal properly.

Also use only soaps that are made specially for tattoo aftercare.


Besides cleaning, you also need to moisturize the tattoo regularly. This will also help with the healing process.
If you don’t want to use a lotion, then you can always try coconut oil. Coconut oil has a very low risk of irritating the skin compared to many store bought lotions.

Regular Touch Ups

Even if you do everything perfectly, the finger tattoo will eventually fade. Getting a touch up is the only way to bring it back to its former glory.

It might even be necessary to get a couple touch ups during the first year, depending on the tattoo design. Ask your tattoo artist for their recommendations. More complicated designs will require touching up more often than simple designs.

Do You Need to Get a Finger Tattoo Redone?

Yes, finger tattoos may need to be redone if they are left too long without a touch up. If the ink has faded significantly then it might be necessary to get it completely redone.

Do Finger Tattoos Fade Quicker Than Other Areas?

Yes, finger tattoos fade quicker because the skin layer on the fingers is very thin. Tattoo ink is injected in the dermis, but because the fingers have less layers, it will fade faster. Also, if the artist doesn’t apply enough pressure the ink won’t stay in the skin.

Are Finger Tattoos a Bad Idea?

This completely depends on if you’re willing to get the tattoo touched up when needed. If you want a tattoo that will last a long time with no maintenance, then yes a finger tattoo is a bad idea.

When Can I Get a Tattoo on My Fingers?

You can go for a finger tattoo as young as the age of 18.

Where Can I Get a Finger Tattoo?

Most well established tattoo parlors will do finger tattoos. Because they are more complex than other tattoos it’s worth it to shop around for an artist that has experience with them.

Why Do People Get Finger Tattoos?

There are numerous reasons why someone might want to get a tattoo on their finger. A symbol of rebellion is probably the most common reason though. Many celebrities like Rihanna are also contributing to the popularity of the finger tattoo.


Getting a finger tattoo can be an awesome way to show off your body art! However it will tend to fade faster than other tattoos. If you’re OK with this then a finger tattoo just might be right for you. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below.