How Long Do Henna Tattoos Last? Stop Them Fading

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Henna tattoos have exploded in popularity over the last decades. They are an excellent way to “test out” a tattoo before committing to the real deal. But how long do they last?

Keep reading and we’ll answer all your questions regarding henna tattoo lifespan and everything else you need to know.

How Long Does a Henna Tattoo Last?

Henna tattoos last roughly 7-14 days depending on where they are placed. They last longer on the feet than on the hands for example. Also the nature of the skin and the temperature they are exposed to affect the lifespan. They gradually fade after a while before disappearing completely.

Why Do Henna Tattoos Fade So Fast?

The main reason why henna tattoos fade quickly is from dry skin. Dry skin exfoliates faster. This means that dry skin inked by the henna will regenerate more quickly than well-hydrated skin would have.

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How to Make Henna Tattoos Last Longer

“How can I make my henna tattoos last longer?”

This is one of the questions we get asked the most.

We are going to group the tips into 2 different sections: What to do before getting your henna tattoo, where your skin will be the focus. And after getting the henna tattoo, where we will focus on the tattoo itself.

Before Getting the Henna Tattoo

1. Choose a Good Placement

There are areas of our body that are more suitable for the tattoo to last longer and stay new. For example, areas where the skin is constantly stretching and contracting are not good for henna tattoos. Remember that a henna tattoo is an adhesive, the more it stretches and contracts, the sooner it will break.

  • Good areas: neck, back, shoulders, arms, legs.
  • Bad areas: hands, elbows, knees or wrists.

2. Exfoliate the Area

The cleaner your skin, the better the tattoo will end up. Impurities can be a barrier between the tattoo and your skin. To avoid this, it is advisable to exfoliate the area with any exfoliating product and remove dead skin. This ensures that the henna tattoo adheres to the most recent layer of your skin.

To exfoliate you can use any exfoliating cream or product. See our favorites here. In case you don’t have any on hand at home, you can prepare a homemade exfoliating cream using banana / oil and a little sugar.

Gently rub the area for 60 seconds and then apply warm water. You already have the skin ready for your new look!

3. Shave the Area

If you are thinking of getting the henna tattoo in an area that you normally shave, such as your legs or arms, do so before you get it. You will reduce the appearance of hair and above all, there will be fewer barriers between your skin and the adhesive.

If you are going to put the henna tattoo in an area that you don’t usually shave but have thick hair, we advise you to shave the area.

After Getting the Henna Tattoo

1. Protect It

Although henna tattoos are created with a special protective layer to extend the lifespan, if you protect your tattoo from rubbing you will extend this lifespan even more. One of the times where friction can cause our tattoo to wear down involuntarily is when we are sleeping.

Try some petroleum jelly or a bandage on the area. In this way, you will prevent the friction of the sheets from fading your henna tattoo.

2. Avoid Chemicals

Household products which contain chemicals can alter how your henna tattoo looks. We know it is not easy, but if you avoid using soaps, creams or oils on the area it will last longer.

3. Vaseline

Vaseline creates a thin protective layer. This layer protects the henna tattoo from external elements that can damage it. We recommend that you use it once a day, in the morning when you take a shower or wash the area to keep it protected the rest of the day.

4. Talc Powders

Talcum powder dries out your skin. Therefore, once you have the henna tattoo, use talc to remove any damp spots. Let the talcum powder work for 1 minute and then gently remove it with a paper towel.

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These are all the techniques you can use to make your Henna tattoos last longer. If you take good care of it you can extend its duration 2-3 days longer than normal.

If you have any other methods to extend its duration, comment below and we will include it.