Tulip Tattoo Meaning, Design Ideas & Placement

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If you have ever been to Holland, you know that tulips are in bloom everywhere. The flower is a symbol of love and passion for these people, and it has also become a popular tattoo design over the years. If you’re looking for a meaningful tattoo design that will look beautiful no matter where you put it, then this type may just be perfect for you!

You may not have known this, but there are many meanings to the beautiful tulip flower. In fact, it is one of the most common flowers seen in tattoo designs. The colors and placement can vary depending on what you want your tattoo to represent for you. So let’s take a look at some meanings behind this popular design!

What is a Tulip Tattoo?

One of the most popular tattoo designs, tulip tattoos depict a large flower with many petals sitting in front of an intricate background. The intricacy on these backgrounds can vary based on what is being depicted but typically they are filled with detailed patterns or flowers that complement the rest of the design.

Tulip Tattoo Meaning

The Tulip tattoo is a sister to the rose. The tulip stands for love, everlasting beauty and purity of heart.

As one of Holland’s most iconic flowers today, it has come to represent faithfulness and devotion in many cultures around the world including Russia where lovers are said to exchange flower tattoos as symbols of commitment on their wedding day or anniversary.

Another meaning behind tulip tattoos also has ties to how they symbolize beauty in times when everything seems dark around you because there will always be something bright waiting for you on your journey forward!

Symbolism of the Tulip Tattoo

Tulips are a beautiful flower with many meanings, but the symbolism of this particular tattoo is most likely one that celebrates life and death. It can represent both endings as well as beginnings to help us remember our pasts while looking toward the future–seeing them all in perspective at once helps remind us what’s important.

Tulip Tattoo Placement

The placement of a tulip tattoo is an important decision. Tattoos with flowers are commonly found in the waistline, on calf muscles or knees, and even near ankles as they can be seen below your shirt during warmer seasons when sleeves aren’t necessary to cover up tattoos.

Tulip tattoos can be placed on almost any part of your body, but they typically go well on the foot or wrist because they are so small.

Tulip Tattoo Design Ideas

If you’re looking for wonderful and creative designs, we have the perfect tulip tattoo idea. The most popular is a small flower on your hand in either black or red ink that resembles how their petals look when they are dying off at the end of winter.

There’s also an option to get one large design with many different flowers scattered around it if you want something more unique!

Tulip Tattoo Colors

As you know, the tulip comes in many different colors. Every color has its own significance and when paired with the tulip, it only enhances the meaning. In addition to color, there are images that are often paired with tulips to take on a whole new meaning.

When doing research, you will find that tulips grow in many other colors and each of those shades carry their own significance. So make sure you pick a color that is a representation of how you are feeling. Also make sure to pick an artist that has extensive experience in tattooing flowers. You will learn the most by checking out their portfolio or Instagram account.

These examples below will give you a few good ideas of the different tulip tattoos.

Pink Tulip Tattoo

Pink tulips just give you a warm, fuzzy feeling when you see them. The people that get this color, are trying to get that feeling whenever they look at their tattoo. The pink tulip symbolizes good wishes, caring, love and attachment (although not as much as the color red).

Black Tulip Tattoo

The black tulip tattoo mostly represents strength, power, and toughness. This shade is one of royalty as well. Believe or not, black tulips are real, but they are quite rare. Creating a jet-black tulip is difficult, but there are many colors of tulip that are very close. These include dark red or a deep purple color.

Red Tulip Tattoo

Red tulips, like other flowers, symbolize a deep love. It’s a sign of passion and romance. Also, the tulip is the flower of the 11th wedding anniversary. By getting a red tulip tattoo, you are basically saying you feel passionate about someone or something.

You could even get it for your significant other to show how you feel or as a representation of a marriage that has gone on for 11 years at that point.

Yellow Tulip Tattoo

In ancient history, yellow flowers usually symbolize characteristics like hopeless love and jealousy. However, times have changed, and modern interpretations of the color yellow are different. The yellow tulip tattoo meaning revolves around happy thoughts and hope.

Yellow is also a color that can represent friendship. Someone could have a yellow tulip tattoo as a reminder of a deceased friend. They might also get matching yellow tulip tattoos to show their friendship with someone.

Popularity of the Tulip Tattoo

The Tulip Tattoo has always been a popular choice for people in the West. The flower was first introduced to Europe during an era where tulips were considered status symbols, and have ever since been associated with pleasure as well as wealth. Nowadays, tattoos of this sensuous little bloom are often found on women who want to show their wild side or men that enjoy being more feminine than masculine.

I am not too sure about what kind of person would get this tattoo done but if you ask me I think it’s very attractive because flowers usually mean beauty and strength so together they make something hard-to-resist!

Why People Get a Tulip Tattoo

There are many reasons why people get a tulip tattoo, but the most frequent one is to represent something they love. For example, someone may have a strong affinity for Dutch folklore and culture or simply enjoy their beauty in general and want to forever remember that feeling of joy when seeing them blossoming in nature’s beauty.

Legends about tulip flower

Have you ever heard of the sad legend about the love and death of prince Farhad on whose place of death had grown these fine flowers? If you’re not familiar it’s a must read but here is the short summary of the legend.

Being crazy in love with a beautiful girl Shirin, the prince dreamt about a happy life with his beloved woman. However, some envious contenders started a rumor that she died.

Farhad distraught from grief fell from a cliff to his death. In the place where the blood of the prince was, grew bright red flowers, tulips the symbol of passionate love.


We hope that you learned something new about the meaning of tulip tattoos! Did we forget anything? Feel free to drop a comment below.

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